Dongying Taifung Precision Metal Co., Ltd
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Involve mold development, precision casting, precision machining, surface treatment and assembly.

    Dongying Taifung Precision Metal Co., Ltd is a specialized castings manufacturer including tooling, investment casting, precision, machining, surface treatment and assembly。
We have advanced precision casting equipment, precision processing equipment and testing equipment, and adopted lost-wax processes to serve a huge variety of markets that requires metal parts in stainless steels, heat-resistant steel alloy steels, carbon steels, copper alloys and aluminum alloys, mainly including marine hardware, construction spider, pipe fitting, pump, valve, auto part and all kinds of special machinery parts, with an annual capacity up to 500 tons. we are in the service for more than 20 countries around the world more than  50  customers such as  AVK, Danfoss, VW , ITT, Toyota, providing high quality precision castings and its deep processing products.
TaiFung are from the source of our raw material sourcing, packing and delivery to be performed by experienced professional team to organize. Now, we have established an exact QA system, and invested 80 million RMB in 2014,  built workshop 40000 square meters, casting and deep processing products will reach 1500 tons in 2015,which enables us to continuously meet customers’ desire for quality castings and technical services.

Corporate Mission
Through their own continuous efforts to meet customer needs and grow with customers, become a highly respected strategic partner of customers, and ultimately achieve their own value and performance improvement.
Corporate Vision
Build a platform for all of us, including shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. Through this platform, we can constantly improve everyone's life and realize our good wishes.
Company Values
Cherish the present, trust first;
Mutual respect and humility;
Unity and cooperation and strive for more than one thing;
Be brave to face problems, take responsibility and change yourself.

Business policy
Maintenance of equipment to improve work efficiency;
Reduce workshop waste and operation cost;
Improve product quality to meet customer needs;
Strengthen the quality of training and improve the quality of employees.

Historical Evolution

  • Dongying Taifung Precision Metal Co., Ltd. was founded

  • Company website launched

  • The company imports two vertical processing centers

  • The company obtained ISO9001 quality system certification

  • Company purchases CMM

  • The new plant area covering 65 Mu has been put into use with an annual output of 960 tons of castings.

  • The company has obtained PED system certification

  • The company began to produce auto parts on a large scale.

  • The new factory area covering 15 mu has been put into use.