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Involve mold development, precision casting, precision machining, surface treatment and assembly.


 · Quality policy

     Scientific management, quality first, pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction.
    Scientific management should take quality as the first priority - establish, implement and maintain quality management system according to GB/T19001-2008 standard, consolidate the basic work of enterprise management, standardize production with first-class management, and provide products for customers'needs.
    Pursue Excellence and Make Customers Satisfied - Continuously improve the work of the enterprise, enhance the visibility of the enterprise, create the best benefits, pursue the overall performance of the enterprise, meet the needs of customers, and achieve the purpose of customer satisfaction.


 · Quality objectives

    Customer satisfaction ≥90 points                                           

    Order on time delivery rate ≥80%                                 

    Product delivery defect rate ≤2.0%

    Comprehensive rejection rate of products ≤1.0%                          

    Training plan completion rate ≥90%                                 

    First piece inspection success rate ≥98%                             

    Employee satisfaction ≥90 points